Ensuring a diversity of voices in the media

Today, a substantial part of the world population can access cultural content from around the world with just a few clicks. The transition from analogue to digital media has inevitably provided many more opportunities for the creation, access and discovery of local content. Nonetheless, this does not automatically lead to the consumption of diverse contents. Noticing that African music was rarely discovered online, Awa Girard (an entrepreneur from Senegal) took the issue into her own hands in 2017 by creating Deedo, a musicstreaming platform for Pan-African music. The platform features over 12 million tracks and is accessible in six African countries as well as France and the United Kingdom. The plan is for Deedo to be available in 27 countries, including 19 countries across West and Central Africa. Within four years, Deedo has not only become a key player in the African music industry, but has also increased the visibility of African artists, while offering social engagement through its initiative ‘One song, One soul’ (which donates 5% of each subscription to the non-profit organization of the user’s choice).

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