Cumulative fiscal leakage and losses and their impacts on the economy and employment

The estimates of fiscal leakage and losses presented in chapter V are indicators of part of the cost incurred, in only one year, by the Palestinian people as a result of the enduring Israeli occupation. As noted, the fiscal leakages covered in this study are a part of the fiscal losses, which in turn are a part of the greater economic costs of the Israeli occupation. The latter is measured by the difference between the position of PNA under two scenarios, namely, the current fiscal position of PNA under the status quo, which gives Palestinian policymakers a narrow policy space, and the assumption that occupation is removed and the State of Palestine has fiscal sovereignty over all sources of public revenues and expenditures. In other words, the cost of the Israeli occupation includes all direct and indirect losses caused by the occupation measures and control of all Palestinian resources and revenues.

Related Subject(s): Economic and Social Development
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Countries: Israel
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