Electricity Connectivity Roadmap for Asia and the Pacific

Strategies Towards Interconnecting the Region’s Grids

image of Electricity Connectivity Roadmap for Asia and the Pacific


Countries in the Asia-Pacific region are confronted by a series of challenges in securing their energy needs into the future, and power grid interconnection offers a significant part of the solution. Connectivity enables a range of technical, economic, social and environmental benefits while potentially reducing system vulnerabilities and improving energy security. This report presents a strategy towards the creation of a region-wide electricity market built on a unified grid. It provides contextual analyses of the benefits and challenges to grid interconnection, outlines the current status of existing connectivity efforts, and investigates the functions of institutions in promoting regional power connectivity. It offers a roadmap consisting of nine strategies, suggesting key milestones, timeframes and responsible entities for each. These strategies were presented to the Second Session of ESCAP’s Committee on Energy in October 2019 and the Road Map was presented to the 76th session of the Commission in May 2020.

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