“The German Energiewende – Our contribution to a sustainable energy system”

People around the world are observing the progress being made by Germany on its energy reforms (known as the “Energiewende”), which are no less than a complete overhaul of its energy supply system, entailing the phase-out of nuclear energy, a reduced reliance on fossil fuels, the promotion of energy efficiency, and the establishment of renewable energies as the main sources of energy. The reforms will make our country less dependent on fossil fuel imports, are key in allowing Germany to make an appropriate contribution to combating climate change, and will stimulate new growth in sectors that offer significant potential for new jobs. Ultimately, the Energiewende will be a true success if other countries embark on a similar path of decarbonizing their energy supplies. This is why the dialogue with our neighbors in Europe and our partner countries internationally is of greatest importance to us.

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Sustainable Development Goals:
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