Policies on fertility, family planning and reproductive health

Fertility declines around the world have resulted in unprecedented low levels of fertility at the global level. Childbearing patterns differ greatly among countries and regions. Among the 201 countries or areas with at least 90,000 inhabitants in 2017, 83 were estimated to have “low” or “below replacement” levels of fertility, meaning that, on average, women in those countries bear fewer than 2.1 children over their lifetime (United Nations, 2017). In addition, 96 countries had intermediate levels of fertility, where women have between 2.1 and 5 children, while 22 countries or areas were characterized by high levels of fertility, with women bear 5 or more children. Of the countries or areas with high levels of fertility, 20 were in Africa and 2 in Asia.

Related Subject(s): Population and Demography
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