A note on the computation of the human development index and the gender development index

Subnational, national, regional, and global Human Development Reports rely on various human development measures, such as the human development index (HDI), the gender development index (GDI) and, depending on the availability of appropriate data, other indices. This National Human Development Report (National HDR) also provides measures of the HDI and the GDI. Measures of a separate HDIs for men and women are calculated to calculate the GDI. A unique feature of this report is the estimation of an HDI for a single age group in Timor-Leste, namely, youth ages 15–34. It may not be incorrect to claim that no other National HDR has ever attempted to calculate an HDI for a particular age group. A youth HDI was calculated to complement the youth well-being score, which has been calculated based on data collected in the 2016 Youth Well-Being Survey, which has been carried out specifically on youth in Timor-Leste for this report.

Related Subject(s): Economic and Social Development
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