Kurʹer ÛNESKO - Volume 2021, Issue 2, 2021

Volume 2021, Issue 2, 2021

What does it mean to be 20 years old in a world where travel is restricted, learning is at a distance, relationships and friendships are blocked, and professional horizons are blurred? At the age when connections with the world and with others are being forged, the under-25s – who represent nearly forty per cent of the world’s population – are seeing their dreams being seriously dented by the health crisis. Being young can be exciting and fun, but it is always challenging. Completing your studies, finding a job, finding somewhere to live – in short, taking the first steps of the rest of your life. If it was not easy before the Covid-19 pandemic, it is all the more difficult during this time. Besides all the uncertainty, the health crisis has affected young people’s social lives and prevented them from developing a network of friends and support that are vital to their well-being.
Language: Russian Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish
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