Social Panorama of Latin America 2014

image of Social Panorama of Latin America 2014

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Youth: critical areas of the agenda for development with equality

Integrating the youth population into development processes is crucial for progress towards a more egalitarian society. The link between education and employment is one of the keys to social inclusion at this stage of life. It is important to understand the diversity of young people’s current situations and life paths, which can coexist rather uneasily with inclusion difficulties specific to this age group, rather than stigmatizing them when they become separated, even if only temporarily, from both these institutions. The stereotype of violent youth also needs to be done away with, as it is a hindrance to development in equality. Understanding how social participation develops in contexts of growing violence in the region is vital for creating escape routes from these situations. Again, youth participation in designing and debating development strategies is essential if significant progress is to be made.

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