Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 1999

Asia and the Pacific into the Twenty-First Century - Information Technology, Globalization, Economic Security and Development

image of Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 1999

This year's issue of the survey reviews the economic progress in the ESCAP region over the past year and analyzes population dynamics and their related policy implications. It also provides a regional perspective on the subject of 'Financing for Development' looking at such issues as: domestic and external resources; trends in and current distribution of Official Development Assistance; and reform of the international financial architecture.



Financial flows

ICT has a crucial role to play in the financial sector in at least three main areas: improving the range and efficiency of banking services available to customers, lowering costs and increasing the efficiency of capital markets, and allowing for more effective regulation of all types of financial markets and related transactions. The use of ICT enables a better delivery of banking services to both depositors and borrowers within a country and between countries. ICT has a central role in the operations of various capital markets such as stock markets, bond markets and foreign exchange markets, and it is intensively used by market organizers, market professionals and investors in these markets. ICT is also an essential tool for supervisory or regulatory bodies of these various markets at both national and international levels.


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