Inclusive Social Protection in Latin America

A Comprehensive, Rights-based Approach

image of Inclusive Social Protection in Latin America
This publication examines the main debates under way on social protection and co-responsibility transfer programmes. It identifies the role played by these programmes and considers the conceptual elements, needs and the challenges that will have to be overcome to consolidate comprehensive social protection systems in Latin America. The authors argue that these should be solidarity-based systems that provide universal coverage and are essentially egalitarian in the guarantees established as citizens' rights. Citizenship as a whole is thus becoming part of protection policies as the region moves towards all-encompassing social policies that combine the complementary principles of targeting as the instrument and universality as the end.

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Co-responsibility transfer programmes as a gateway into social protection

This book refers throughout to co-responsibility transfer programmes (CTPs), considered as just one of a battery of tools used in social policy. It also sets out to show that, even though inclusive social protection does not begin and end with CTPs, they can be useful and effective because they are assigned with specific functions and objectives and clearly defined tasks and responsibilities. Nevertheless, the trend towards broadening the scope of CTPs, both quantitatively (by increasing the population covered or transfer amounts) and qualitatively (by matching benefits more closely to the target population or adding new benefits) is causing growing tensions.

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