Realizing Women’s Rights to Land and Other Productive Resources

image of Realizing Women’s Rights to Land and Other Productive Resources
This publication provides detailed guidance for lawmakers and policymakers, as well as civil society organizations and other stakeholders, to support the adoption and effective implementation of laws, policies and programmes to respect, protect and fulfil women’s rights to land and other productive resources. It is based on the results of an expert group meeting held in June 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland, where critical issues facing women today in relation to the enjoyment of their land rights were raised. Land itself can be understood to include farmland, wetland, pasture, rangeland, fishery, forest, as well as harvesting and hunting territories. Throughout this publication the phrase “women’s rights to land” must be understood holistically and in a manner which is grounded in the international human rights framework, and in the context of intersecting forms of discrimination. While this publication focuses on women’s rights to land, it is also recognized that land is inextricably linked to women’s access to, use of and control over other productive resources, such as property, fisheries, livestock and game. Therefore, the publication also uses the phrase “women’s rights to land and other productive resources” to reflect this broader context.



International and regional legal and policy framework

Lack of access to land and other productive resources has a negative impact on the enjoyment of various human rights for women. Furthermore, the violation of certain human rights, such as the right to information, participation, association, freedom from violence, and education, prevents women from accessing land and other productive resources.


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