The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2017

image of The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2017

The aim of this report is to present an overview of the 17 Goals using data currently available to highlight the most significant gaps and challenges. The latest data show that one eighth of humankind still lives in extreme poverty and that 800 million people suffer from hunger, and that water scarcity affects more than a quarter of humanity. These statistics show how important coordinated global data-generation efforts are in supplying reliable and timely data for systematic follow-up and progress reviews.

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Life below water

Oceans cover almost three quarters of the planet, comprising the largest ecosystem on Earth. Large coastal populations in every region depend on them for their livelihoods and prosperity. Oceans also provide priceless environmental services: they generate half the oxygen we breathe, support a wealth of marine resources and act as a climate regulator. Yet despite their critical importance, the mounting impacts of climate change (including ocean acidification), overfishing and marine pollution are jeopardizing progress in protecting the world’s oceans. Small island developing States are the most threatened. Due to the transboundary nature of oceans, marine resource management requires interventions at all levels (national, regional and global) to mitigate threats.

English Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish

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