Climate Change and Global Sustainability

A Holistic Approach

image of Climate Change and Global Sustainability
Climate change owing to global warming is a paramount concern for society in the 21st century, and it is not an issue that can be solved by individual academic or scientific disciplines working in isolation. Because climate change involves a wide range of interlinked problems, solutions must be pursued in an interdisciplinary manner. This book adopts just such a holistic approach in examining various aspects of global warming, and offers readers a comprehensive overview of the problem.



Effects of climate change and global warming on marine ecosystems and fishery resources

This chapter overviews the results of previous studies on the impacts of climate change, such as climate regime shifts and global warming, on marine ecosystems and fishery resources. Furthermore, our ongoing modelling studies to predict future changes in natural marine environments due to global warming and their influence on human activities are introduced. Such simulation studies, together with observations, can be a powerful tool to link climate change systematically with marine ecosystems and fishery resources and provide a guideline for adaptation of human activities to future global warming, especially for fisheries and tourism.


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