Ageing, Solidarity and Social Protection in Latin America and the Caribbean

Time for Progress towards Equality

image of Ageing, Solidarity and Social Protection in Latin America and the Caribbean
This publication aims to contribute to the research, analysis and design of proposals for the social protection of older persons. It develops a new conceptual approach and uses various indicators for its assessment in the areas of social security, health and social services. All human beings must be able to avail themselves of equal rights, without discrimination, and these rights must be enforced through serious, strategic and sustainable commitments which accommodate both present and long-term challenges. Only then will it be possible to develop an approach which includes each and every citizen and contributes to their well-being and security, so that they can make full use of their capacities, regardless of their age or economic activity.



The equality agenda and older persons

At its thirty-third session in 2010, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) asserted that equality is a core value of the development pursued by the region. It provides both the framework of standards and the foundation for social covenants that generate more opportunities for those who have the least. ECLAC made it clear that equality means more than equal opportunities: it means actually narrowing gaps (Bárcena, 2010).


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