A Guide to Trade Practices

image of Cocoa

This Guide describes trade and industry practices, as well as regulations applying to cocoa. It discusses customs procedures; systems and techniques used at each stage of the cocoa supply chain; trends in cocoa manufacturing and processing; electronic commerce; cocoa organic farming; fair trade; sustainable production; and environmental issues. It also provides a list of main sector-related trade and industry associations; and appendices that contain detailed statistical data and list of relevant Internet websites.

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The International Cocoa Agreement: A brief history

The world cocoa market is notoriously unstable. The yield from a farm or plantation can vary enormously from season to season depending upon favourable or adverse weather conditions. Prices can fall heavily when, for example, the weather in West Africa is favourable and the crop is large; they can rise sharply when the rains fail and the size of the crop is severely reduced. These boom-and-bust conditions can sometimes be accentuated by speculative activity, mainly on the futures markets. This type of instability is not in the best interests of either the farmers or the users of cocoa.

English French, Spanish

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