Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Report 2013

Turning the Tide - Towards Inclusive Trade and Investment

image of Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Report 2013
The main message of the Report is that the region's dominant export-led growth model should not be abandoned but does need some adjustment. While regional economies have largely succeeded in achieving sustained economic growth, additional policies are required to spread the benefits of that growth more fairly: to reduce poverty, limit rises in inequality, widen access to productive opportunities and bring excluded groups in from the margins. It is not enough simply to hope that rising wealth will eventually work for the benefit of all. The era of trade and invest now, distribute gains later has thus come to its end; we need to promote inclusive trade and investment.



Complementary policies to foster the inclusiveness of international openness evidence from the Asia-Pacific region

This chapter contains a cross-country analysis examining how poverty and inclusive growth are affected by international openness. In it, the interaction between international openness and underlying conditions, such as capital and labour mobility, ease of firm entry and exit, good governance and the rule of law, access to education and health facilities is also considered. Existing literature together with the analysis in this Report, points to the need to explore four dimensions of potential linkage between openness and inclusiveness, namely (i) aggregate employment and its distribution; (ii) aggregate productivity; (iii) poverty and income inequality; and (iv) equal opportunity between genders. Analysis is done using aggregate data from the Asia-Pacific region from 1988 to 2010.


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