Migration, Development and Natural Disasters

Insights from the Indian Ocean Tsunami

image of Migration, Development and Natural Disasters

According to the present report, the recent Asian tsunami highlights the need to take migrant communities, both regular and irregular, into account when planning for natural disasters in order to ensure they are treated in accordance with the core principles of international human rights law and international humanitarian law. The report concludes that a number of measures need to be taken to ensure that migrants are fairly treated in the aftermath of a disaster, including the setting up of systems to monitor their immediate, medium and long-term well-being.




This paper is the result of the contribution of a number of people at various stages of the publication. Frank Laczko as head of IOM’s Research Division supervised the entire process, Elca Stigter undertook research and analysis, Asmita Naik substantially revised and polished the draft document, Ilse Dobernig-Pinto undertook the final editing, and Carol San Miguel and her Manila-based publications team took care of the final editorial work and the printing process.


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