United Nations Demographic Yearbook 1959

image of United Nations Demographic Yearbook 1959
This is the eleventh in the series of Demographic Yearbooks assembled and published since 1948 by the Statistical Office of the United Nations from official statistics generously made available by national statistical authorities. The special topic this year is natality statistics, previously featured in the issues of 1949-50 and 1954. Together, the three volumes provide historical series of natality statistics back to 1935. Migration statistics are also included in the 1959 issue in accordance with the biennial plan of presentation; they were last shown in the 1957 Yearbook.

English, French


Graphic presentation of trends in fertility

Chapter I of the Demographic Yearbook has consisted customarily of a special text designed to set forth the major facts which emerge from the detailed statistics on the featured topic. Hence, during the past 10 years, a general account of World Population Trends, 1920-1949, appeared in the 1949-50 issue of the Yearbook. Recent Mortality Trends was the topic of the 1951 issue; Urban Trends and Characteristics of Population was investigated in the 1952 issue. The 1956 special text was devoted to a statistical appraisal of The World Demographic Situation; the 1957 chapter was entitled Factors in Declining Mortality, and Uses of Marriage and Divorce Statistics appeared in the 1958 issue.

English, French

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