Review of Developments in Transport in Asia and the Pacific 2017

image of Review of Developments in Transport in Asia and the Pacific 2017

ThIs review discusses the key contribution of transport to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in Asia and the Pacific. It looks at emerging trends in transport in the region and presents initiatives that are making transport systems cleaner, safer, more efficient, and more affordable. It provides an update on the status of the Asian Highway and Trans-Asian Railway networks, seaports, airports as well as progress in the development of intermodal linkages such as dry ports. It describes regional strategies and mechanisms to facilitate regional transport operational connectivity. The Review reports on the initiatives of the cities of the region to stem the social and economic losses from increasing congestion and pollution. It acknowledges the increasing role of intelligent transport systems for urban and intercity mobility and recognizes the role of rural accessibility It also reports the region’s greater interest and the need in further improving road safety.



Urban Transport

The Asia-Pacific region has witnessed rapid population growth and urbanization. In 2016, 48.7 per cent of the region’s 4.3 billion population lived in urban areas. According to recent projections, more than half of the region’s population will be urban residents by 2018,1 and by 20502 the total regional urban population will reach 3.2 billion The fleet of motor vehicles is also growing steadily in the region’s cities. This rapid growth and increased urbanization will continue to stress urban transport systems and infrastructure leading to congestion, accidents and more consumption of fossil fuels, and correspondingly will raise greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Quality of life issues such as loss of productivity and health will also suffer as a follow-on impact.


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