The State of Food and Agriculture 1977

The State of Natural Resources and the Human Environment for Food and Agriculture

image of The State of Food and Agriculture 1977

In addition to the usual review of the recent world food and agriculture situation, each issue of The State of Food and Agriculture from 1957 has included one or more special studies of problems of longer-term interest. This year’s edition focuses on the state of natural resources and the human environment for food and agriculture.



Some factors affecting progress in food and agriculture in developing countries

Recent issues of this report have given growing attention to the progress of food and agriculture in the developing countries in the context of longer-term development goals, and especially the basic objective of accelerating the production increase in these countries to an average rate of 4% a year, which forms part of the International Development Strategy (IDS) adopted for the Second United Nations Development Decade (DD2) and was subsequently reaffirmed by the World Food Conference. There has also been increasing emphasis on the deteriorating position of the poorest of the developing countries, as exemplified by the most seriously affected (MSA) countries, in relation to the others.


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