The historical concept or definition of the Creative Economy is inadequate to explain the contribution of creativity to today’s production and consumption. “Change is in the air” claims Sturgeon (2017) when referring to the imminent arrival of the 4th Industrial Revolution. This “revolution” is driven by progress in information technology and software, advanced production equipment, robotics and factory automation, which are expected to generate a quantum leap in how industries produce, and people consume. In this context, the 4th Industrial Revolution will also change how the creative industries finance, produce and distribute their products and services. The COVID-19 pandemic has played the role of accelerator in the digital revolution. For example, Vlassis (2021) looks at the rise of platforms in the audio-visual sector during the pandemic. A closely related aspect of the de-localization forces induced by Creative Industry 4.0 is analysed below in section III.A.

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