This chapter explores existing data and key reports on women in science in India, while taking the great diversity of the nation and the complexity of the issue into account. India has achieved commendable progress in some areas of gender equality in the sciences, but still faces critical challenges before the field of science flourishes in a healthy and gender-equitable way. This chapter provides a review of existing reports and available population data relevant to women in science, along with commentary on important gaps that need to be filled to ensure future policies and solutions succeed. One of this chapter’s primary goals is to draw attention to the multidimensional obstacles that women face in pursuing a career in science, including infrastructure and access to resources, but also (perhaps more importantly) socio-cultural biases that begin at home and permeate the workplace and education systems. We hope that readers will appreciate the complexity and interconnectedness of the various elements that make up the Indian context and why the theme of this publication is so important.

Sustainable Development Goals:
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