Guidelines on Statistical Business Registers

image of Guidelines on Statistical Business Registers


The Guidelines on Statistical Business Registers are based on the 2015 UNECE Guidelines on Statistical Business Registers, while adding numerous examples from countries from all regions as well as practical guidance applicable to a broad range of statistical systems, especially for the countries in the early stages of development of statistical business registers. The Guidelines provide not only practical recommendations for countries in establishing and maintaining their statistical business registers, but also address the specific issues pertinent to less-developed statistical systems, which are often characterised by a large informal sector and a limited availability of data sources. Since the Guidelines provide practical guidance on how to establish, maintain and modernize a SBR, they are mainly targeted at SBR management, SBR staff, the staff of business statistics, and the staff dealing with respondent relations and with administrative authorities that deliver data to the SBR. They may also be useful for training purposes.

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