The overall objective of this publication is to exhibit a model that countries can use in evaluating the socioeconomic impact of vehicle related policy options for improving road safety. The model calculates benefit-cost ratios of regulating ESC, an active safety measure addressing for car occupants, through performance conforming to UN Regulation 140 and GTR No. 8. The model also, separately, calculates the cost-benefit of regulating an Automatic Emergency Breaking System (AEBS), a collision avoidance active safety measure, with performance conforming to UN Regulation No. 152, and pedestrian protection passive safety measures in conformance with UN Regulation No. 127 and UN GTR No.9, estimating the combined impact of these systems on preventing pedestrians and cyclist (hereinafter VRUs) fatalities and serious injuries. The timeframe for which the model is applied is 2020-2030.

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