The Arab States

The Arab States comprise a highly diverse group of countries that vary widely in size, wealth, state of science and technology and level of social and economic development. Some states, like Somalia, Sudan and Mauritania, are classified amongst the poorest in the world, with gross national product (GNP) per capita income of US$400-600 for 1992, while others like the oil-exporting Gulf States are among the richer countries with US$17 000-20 000 GNP per capita income. In spite of the increase in overall Arab GNP in the early 1990s from its levels of the mid-1980s, the Arab States have become poorer with lime. The average GNP per capita income for all states for 1992, for example, was about US$2 000 compared with almost US$2 600 in 1980.

Sustainable Development Goals:
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