World Science Report 1996

image of World Science Report 1996

The new edition of this important periodic publication from UNESCO reviews and updates the state of science and technology around the world. It describes and quantifies the recent trends in scientific education and research and development and addresses many of the specific problems faced by each region or group of countries. Some of the most important issues in science and technology of the last few years, of interest both to the scientific community and to society at large, are discussed in the second part of the book. Among these are biodiversity, environmental degradation, the ethics of science and international cooperation in megascience. Particular attention is accorded to recent developments in the new technologies and their impact on society, with chapters on information technology, biotechnology and materials sciences and engineering. The final part is devoted to the gender dimension of science and technology. Its authors, making use of a wide variety of sources, describe the existing disparity in this field, and analyse the main social and educational barriers faced by women in gaining access to scientific careers and decision-making bodies. The World Science Report 1996 is written by an international team of widely regarded authors. It is an essential source of facts, figures and discussion information for all those who want to know how present-day science is organized and how it functions.

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