World Public Sector Report 2010

Reconstructing Public Administration after Conflict: Challenges, Practices and Lessons Learned

image of World Public Sector Report 2010


The main objective of the 2010 World Public Sector Report is to analyze challenges, strategies and practices in rebuilding public administration after conflict. It is unique in that it provides key lessons learned about transforming governments to promote peaceful coexistence, sustainable development and prosperity for all citizens. The report is based on a literature review of the main theories and issues involved in post-conflict reconstruction, coupled with an analysis of relevant case studies and good practices from all five regions of the world, dating from the end of World War II to the present. This publication examines four main key areas of public administration reconstruction: institution-building, leadership, human resources in the public sector, citizen engagement and public service delivery. The report is intended for decision makers in conflict or conflict-prone situations and a range of different actors.

Sustainable Development Goals:


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