Economic Survey of Latin America 1966

image of Economic Survey of Latin America 1966

Published since 1948, this report examines various aspects of the previous year’s macroeconomic situation in the region and makes projections for the coming months. The study also includes country notes that review the performance of the main economic indicators in the period analysed.



Selected countries of the Caribbean area and the West Indies

At current prices, the gross domestic product (at factor cost) increased from 119.8 West Indies (WI) dollars in 1960 to 153.9 million in 1965, which represents an annual growth rate of 5.3 per cent. The per capita product—also at current prices—rose during the same period from 511 WI dollars in 1960 to 624 in 1965, or at an annual rate of 4.2 per cent. Provisional estimates for 1966 indicate that there was a slackening in the growth rate and that it fell below the expected 4 per cent, mainly as a result of the decline in sugar production.


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