Economic Survey of Latin America 1981

image of Economic Survey of Latin America 1981

This Publication Analyzes economic developments in Latin America in 1981. It examines the evolution of the economy in each of the countries in the region : economic growth, employment and unemployment, the external sector, prices and wages.




The Haitian economy went through a particularly adverse period during 1981 because of both external and internal factors. As in most of the countries of the region, the recession in the central countries had a negative effect on the performance of the economy, and Haiti was particularly vulnerable in this respect because of its high degree of openness to the exterior. The marked fall in the price of coffee —which is the country's main export product— was aggravated by a still larger drop in the amount of coffee exported, which led to the worsening of the difficulties as regards external payments, public finances, and flows of money and credit.


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