Achieving Global Sustainability

Policy Recommendations

image of Achieving Global Sustainability
This book looks at how to achieve a more secure level of global sustainability and gathers recommendations. It analyzes the relationship between globalization and sustainability, evaluating arguments on the necessity of fundamental changes in economic growth and discusses the radical evolutions in socioeconomic development in terms of social common capital, social discipline and economic valuation of the environment. The publication also examines strategies for achieving a sustainable society and presents an overview on adaptation for environmental change. Finally, it introduces policy recommendations for global sustainability, including those advocating a low-carbon society by 2050, a Green New Deal as a means of integrating policies, climate security, and international discipline.



Strategies for sustainable society

Measures for mitigating climate change are designed to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases that cause global warming, arrest the progress of global warming and stabilize the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These measures are aimed at solving the very roots of the problem by reducing anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and increasing absorption of these by plants. By virtue of the extent of their contribution to climate change, these most basic measures should be implemented immediately.


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