The State of Food and Agriculture 1955

Review of a Decade and Outlook

image of The State of Food and Agriculture 1955

The year 1955 marks the tenth anniversary of the foundation of FAO. It marks also the end of the first decade of agricultural recovery and expansion after the second world war. Unlike its predecessors, this issue does not deal mainly with the current situation and short-term outlook, but instead reviews the progress and experiences of the whole decade. The treatment of this theme has been analytic rather than purely descriptive. An attempt has been made to bring out the underlying causes of the main postwar developments, and to make some appraisal of the results achieved.



The course of production and supplies

Some assessment nlity noW be made of the results of the .postwar efforts tc..) expand production in agriculture, forestry and fisheries ; to see how :far the funds invested, the price and other 'incentives, the changes in land tenure, .the wider use of science and technology, were successful in producing the quantities and kinds of food so badly needed at the end of the War. Consideration is tlso given to how progress in agriculture compared with industry and other sectors of the economy and with progress after World War I :Finally, what were the ultimate effects of the gradual. increase in supplies ? HOW far was the preWar pattern of international trade restored ? 'How much have the :inadequate levels of nutrition, clothing and housing in many areas been im.- proved ? 'What supplies for price or other reasons could not be used for these purposes, but instead \vent to swell the surplus stocks of many -farm products which in time began to pile up in many. parts of the Ivorld ?


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