Europe’s Environment

The Seventh Pan-European Environmental Assessment

image of Europe’s Environment

Europe’s Environment – the seventh pan-European environmental assessment – is the latest in the series of regional assessments conducted since 1995. The environmental assessments of the pan-European region provide up-to-date and policy-relevant information on the interactions between the environment and society. The assessments have been a consistent feature of the Environment for Europe process from 1995 to 2022. At its twenty-fifth session (Geneva, 13–15 November 2019), the UNECE Committee on Environmental Policy selected a limited indicator-based and thematic assessment from among the options for the seventh pan-European environmental assessment. The main objective of the seventh assessment is to provide decision-makers with adequate information to take informed policy decisions at the Ninth Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference (Nicosia, 5–7 October 2022), both on broader environmental issues and trends and on the two conference themes on (a) “Greening the economy in the pan-European region: working towards sustainable infrastructure” and (b) “Applying principles of circular economy to sustainable tourism”. The seventh edition of the pan-European environmental assessment provides an overview of the current state and trends of the environment in Europe and Central Asia based on selected indicators, and of the challenges that are faced. It also provides policy recommendations to UNECE member States. Its release gives an opportunity for tracking progress achieved in meeting global and regional policy goals, including the Sustainable Development Goals and targets, and offers information to enable a societal transition towards more sustainable and circular economies in the face of an alarming planetary change.


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