The Race to Net Zero

Accelerating Climate Action in Asia and the Pacific

image of The Race to Net Zero

The race to net zero focuses on three key sectors from which greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced and how this can be done. It considers how the energy sector can end its dependency on coal and phase out other fossil fuels; how to support low-carbon mobility and logistics; and how international trade and investment can help accelerate the transition of the region’s industries to a low-carbon future. Concrete proposals are made as to how these major shifts can be financed and how better to measure challenges and progress. The proposals are grounded in regional cooperation. The present report presents recommendations on building regional frameworks or partnerships on green power corridor, low-carbon transport, and a low-carbon and climate-smart transition, and collaborating on policies for climate-smart trade and investment, climate finance and monitoring.

Sustainable Development Goals:
Related Subject(s): Environment and Climate Change


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