Доклад о торговле и развитии за 2020 год

От глобальной пандемии к процветанию для всех: не допустить еще одного потерянного десятилетия

image of Доклад о торговле и развитии за 2020 год


This report analyses the economic impacts of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) global pandemic and possible responses that could be both effective and inclusive. It examines different recovery scenarios and, in particular, highlights the danger of a lost decade, addressing immediate difficulties facing developing countries, as well as some of the underlying conditions that, if left unaddressed, will prevent a better recovery. It also discusses some of the institutional changes needed at the international level to bolster the recovery and the transition to a more socially-caring and environmentally-sustainable global economy – a transition that was needed before the pandemic and has become ever more pressing.


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