Measuring International Labour Mobility

image of Measuring International Labour Mobility

This publication provides country examples and best practices on measuring international labour mobility. It was prepared by a task force composed of experts from national statistical offices, and coordinated by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. The aim is to provide guidance and structure to the production of statistics on stocks and flows of international migrant workers and non-resident foreign workers within a country. Such statistics cut across economic, social and demographic domains and rely on a variety of data sources. The publication a) outlines the context and core concepts; b) provides an overview of data availability; c) contains examples from four country case studies; d) provides recommendations for producers of statistics; and e) identifies areas for further development. The publication is primarily designed for use by national statistical offices in producing international labour mobility statistics, as well as users of statistics in these and related fields.

Related Subject(s): Migration ; Population and Demography


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