International Migration Report 2017 - Highlights

image of International Migration Report 2017 - Highlights

This report presents the highlights of the International Migration which contains the latest quinquennial estimates of international migrant stock for 232 countries or areas of the world. The annex in these Highlights provides recently collected data on the estimated number of international migrants, the percentage of migrants in the total population, the percentage of female migrants, and the median age of migrants for 232 countries or areas of the world. The Population Division of the United nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs provides the international community with timely and accessible population data and analysis of population trends and development outcomes for all countries and areas of the world. To this end, the Division undertakes regular studies of population size and characteristics and of all three components of population change (fertility, mortality and migration). The work of the Division also contributes to strengthening the capacity of Member States to monitor population trends and to address current and emerging population issues.

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International Migration Report 2017 - Highlights


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