Engineering a more sustainable world

Engineers have played a key role in transforming the world through invention and the development of new technologies, which has had a significant impact on economic growth and quality of life. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seeks an integrated approach to development that addresses the needs of all people by calling for equitable opportunities and economic prosperity for all, while mitigating its deleterious effects on the planet. Engineering is crucial for the advancement of each of the 17 goals, as shown in Table 1. Demand for engineers around the world is high, both in developed countries in the fields of high technology, software, Artificial Intelligence and communications, and in developing countries for basic city infrastructure, transport systems, and energy and water supply networks. It is also vital that engineering education meets the current and future needs of employers. Government, engineering educators and professional engineering institutions need to work together to ensure that the standards of engineering education address the SDGs and that more young people, especially girls, consider engineering as a career.

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