Engineering for Sustainable Development

Delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals

image of Engineering for Sustainable Development

This publication highlights the crucial role of engineering in achieving each of the 17 SDGs by presenting case studies and approaches of the innovations that are shaping our world. Providing a snapshot of these emerging technologies, the report demonstrates how engineering solutions can address pressing human and planetary needs, including poverty alleviation, clean water and energy, natural disaster response, and resilient infrastructure. It further analyses the transformation of engineering education and capacity-building at the dawn of a Fourth Industrial Revolution. It also demonstrates how equal opportunities for all is key to ensuring an inclusive and gender-balanced profession that can better respond to the shortage of engineers prepared to implement the SDGs. Summarizing global engineering trends while noting the widespread effort needed to address specific regional disparities, the report aims to promote global partnerships and catalyze collaboration in engineering with the ultimate goal of delivering on the SDGs.

Related Subject(s): Economic and Social Development


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