Economic Survey of Latin America 1980

image of Economic Survey of Latin America 1980

The Economic Survey of Latin America 1980 Analyzes the evolution of the economy of the region in 1980. It examines economic developments in each of the countries of Latin America: production, prices, trade, current account balances and financing, economic growth, external sector and inflation. Specially highlighted in the economic development of Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago in the '70s.




In 1980, for the second year in a row, the Cuban economy was faced with serious difficulties in its efforts to expand the material base of its development. Among the most serious obstacles were certain adverse natural phenomena, long-standing structural weaknesses, and the need to make certain significant changes in economic policy, which, although still essentially the same, has incorporated new means for achieving its objectives. A description of the main developments during the year in question is given below.


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