Управление инфраструктурой для устойчивого развития

Руководство для местных органов самоуправления и центральных органов государственной власти

image of Управление инфраструктурой для устойчивого развития

This publication provides guidance for national and local policymakers on the management of their assets in support of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It introduces the reader to the basic principles of managing physical assets — like equipment and machinery, public land, buildings, and infrastructure facilities — in the most cost-effective and sustainable manner. Providing a number of practical and field-tested tools, it aids local and central governments in assessing their asset management needs and developing comprehensive and proactive asset management frameworks, policies, and strategies. The publication also places special emphasis on far-sighted and effective actions that integrate financial, lifecycle, and demand aspects of asset management. Topical deep dives cover the implications of Covid-19 and climate change on asset management, measures that help build statistical and data capacity, as well as guidance on creating an enabling environment for local asset management at the national level. Short case studies, practical exercises, and references to reading materials throughout the book aim to further contextualize the content and engage the reader.


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