Fast-tracking Implementation of eTrade Readiness Assessments: Second Edition

image of Fast-tracking Implementation of eTrade Readiness Assessments: Second Edition

UNCTAD set up the eT Ready Implementation Support Mechanism (ISM) in 2020 with a view to supporting beneficiary countries' implementation of eTrade Readiness Assessments. Through the ISM implementation reviews are regularly conducted, to build in-country capacities for effective implementation, based on the principles of country ownership, inclusivity, and results-based management. The Implementation Review done in 2020 was the first of its kind and allowed to capture the progress made by 13 eT Ready beneficiary countries. It formed the basis of further capacity building, knowledge sharing and stakeholder engagement activities that have helped to raise the profile of e-commerce in national and regional development agendas. The 2nd Implementation Review (IR) was done in 2021 with an improved methodology, building on the lessons learned and feedback received by the different stakeholders involved in the first implementation review process. It highlights 140 new achievements from 14 countries that have participated in the 2nd IR, gathered through an in-depth review of the data collected from in-country stakeholders by the eT Ready Focal Points, in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders from line ministries, regulatory agencies and private sector entities. The 2nd IR was completed in early 2022 with the publication of this report.


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