Women in Business

Building Purpose-Driven Enterprise Amid Crises

image of Women in Business


A third of all entrepreneurs in the world are women. Their contribution to development is clear: as their business grow, they inspire, create jobs, and offer themselves, their families, and their communities a chance for a better, more inclusive future. But a third is still too low and women businesses face intersectional challenges that limit their potential, and require bold and collective action to be overcome. The main goal of UNCTAD’s Empretec Programme is to support women entrepreneurs reach their full potential through capacity building, skill development, and business transformation. The Women in Business award is part of the programme. Stories included in this edition showcase women breaking into what had been considered men dominated industries, like mechanics, agriculture, security, and construction. Through them, we learn how women entrepreneurs can face and defeat prejudice with professionalism, technical skill training and advisory.


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