Teaching Material on Trade and Gender Linkages

The Gender Impact of Technological Upgrading in Agriculture

image of Teaching Material on Trade and Gender Linkages

This study examines the nexus between technology in agriculture and trade from a gender perspective. This document looks at the relationship between trade and gender as it explores the opportunities and challenges that women experience in the process of technological innovation and adoption in agriculture. Typically, women face many barriers in the access to agricultural technologies, and available technologies often fail to address women’s particular needs. This study aims to understand how inequality in the process of innovation and dissemination of technology affects women’s access to trade in agriculture, and to evaluate how reducing this form of inequality could strengthen women’s opportunities to participate and benefit from trade-related activities in the sector. Access to appropriate technology and the capacity to use it effectively are important factors to support women in agriculture, both as instruments for women to undertake new productive initiatives and/or to expand existing activities in agrifood value chains.


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