World Economic Survey 1964

image of World Economic Survey 1964

Part one: Development Plans: Appraisal of Targets and Progress in Developing Countries, reviews the experience gained and the techniques used by different countries in planning for economic development. It focuses attention on development plans in the developing countries. The Survey provides an overall view of the main characteristics of these plans; by tracing the interrelationships between the targets established in the plans, it brings out a number of important differences as well as certain similarities in the strategies proposed by various countries. According to Part two: Current Economic Developments, the main challenges facing developed market economies are the use of incomes policies for internal stabilization and the difficulties facing the international monetary system in the light of the payments imbalances of the reserve currency countries. Meanwhile, a number of developing countries are struggling with the problem of agricultural lag and food supply and difficulties in maintaining internal balance. The Survey further highlights changes under way in the internal economic management of the centrally planned economies and the challenges of economic integration among the countries of the Council of Mutual Economic Assistance.

Related Subject(s): Economic and Social Development


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