Economic Development in Africa Report 2018

Migration and Structural Transformation

image of Economic Development in Africa Report 2018

The EDAR 2018 titled "Migration and Structural Transformation in Africa" highlights how intra-African migration is of relevance to the agenda for regional and continental integration and shows that there are still many knowledge gaps, including on the relationship between migration, economic and trade policies. The report seeks to remedy these gaps by drawing on a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, global datasets, household surveys and sectoral level data to derive stylized facts about patterns of intra-African migration and channels through which they affect socio-economic development outcomes in Africa. This report innovatively adopts a human-centered narrative in identifying opportunities for absorption of extra labour in different sectors across the continent. The findings offer new insights for African governments as well as for migration stakeholders outside the continent.

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Contemporary labour migration

This chapter examines contemporary migrants, including low-skilled, semi-skilled or highly skilled migrants, and education levels, as well as seasonal and/or short-term migrant workers. In addition, this chapter explores the factors that drive persons to migrate, by drawing on data detailing household-level characteristics in a sample of countries in Africa. Finally, this chapter highlights the sectors in which migrants engage in regional labour markets in Africa and how economic migration can contribute to socioeconomic development in Africa.

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