World Economic Report 1951–1952

image of World Economic Report 1951–1952

World Economic Report 1951-52 highlights the major domestic economic changes in economically developed private enterprise economies, centrally planned economies and selected countries of Latin America and the Far East. The Report also studies the changes in international trade and payments in several major economic powers. From 1950 to 1952, these took place in a context of continuing international disequilibrium.



International trade and payments of Western Europe, Japan and the United States

The serious imbalance in international transactions which had emerged in 1951, owing to the economic repercussions of the Korean conflict, was appreciably lessened in 1952—at a lower level of foreign trade. By the second half of 1952, the deficit of the rest of the world with the United States on account of current transactions in goods and services (excluding military aid) was significantly reduced from the high levels reached in preceding periods.


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