ЕПСВВП Европейские правила судоходства по внутренним водным путям

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image of ЕПСВВП Европейские правила судоходства по внутренним водным путям

The European Code for Inland Waterways (CEVNI) contains the core rules applicable to the traffic on inland waterways in the UNECE region such as marks and draught scales on vessels, visual signals on vessels, sound signals and radiotelephony, waterway signs and markings, rules of the road, berthing rules, signalling and reporting requirements as well as prevention of pollution of water and disposal of waste. These harmonized rules constitute the legal and technical basis for national inland waterway codes in UNECE member States. CEVNI is regularly updated in parallel with the evolution of the River Commissions regulations in the UNECE region thus ensuring that they remain harmonized.


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